Empowering women to take time for themselves and educating them on taking control of their financial futures. 

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The Gladiate Beautifully Membership aka "Gladiatorship" is your space (yes YOURS) to be challenged, and learn and grow alongside a community of incredible career women and entrepreneurs, who are bold, conscious, compassionate, fiercely loyal, and authentic just like you! This community is a space with access to the resources you want and need to continue showing up for yourself and walking authentically and confidently.


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I'm Alex, your new get-a-grip, cheer you on friend.

I am a Story Teller, a lover of Jesus, a Survivor, a Door Opener and a Gladiator. As are you! And I want you to join me here as often as you need to, to find inspiration, to count your blessings and to find your place of rest. I pray you join me as we share our stories in celebration of our tenacity, uniqueness, and truly authentic selves.

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This community is for women looking to thrive and simply want more...more connection, motivation, resources, laughs, light and love. 

Coaching + Community for Women Who Want to Thrive

READY TO walk in authentic confidence in all the areas of your life?

The Gladiate Beautifully podcast is for anyone looking for MORE...more connection, motivation, resources, laughs, love & light. I have honest conversations with people of different walks and lifestyles, deep dives into topics like social justice, faith, parenthood, and entrepreneurship. I hope that this podcast empowers you to show up for yourself authentically in every sphere of society + supplies you with the tools to do it.

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“Honestly, Gladiate Beautifully changed my business forever and enriched my whole dang life.”

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